A Chiropractor Can Help a Person’s Body

There are so many myths surrounding chiropractic care. I admit that I believed some of them myself, but I was quickly educated on what a chiropractor in Bakersfield can and cannot do to help a person with a number of different conditions. I had always thought that a chiropractor was better than a primary care physician because a chiropractor actually heals whereas a PCP will just cover up the problem with a medication. I was wrong on both counts, because a primary care doctor wants to get to the root cause as well, and a chiropractor does not exactly heal a person’s condition.

What a chiropractor does do is restore nerve flow the way it should be, which does help relieve the pain that a person may be experiencing. Sometimes, it is just a simple adjustment that needs to be done to make the pain go away. Other times, it is having the nerve flow properly restored so the body works as it should. In either case, any underlying condition is still there, but it is just felt differently. I went to the chiropractor here because of lower back pain, and I ended up going through a series of adjustments.

I thought that the doctor had fixed my back, but what he did was just put in back in proper alignment. Think of it like a car. If a car is out of alignment, then there will be issues in the car handling properly. Once the car is aligned, the entire performance will be better as well. The same is true of a person’s back. So many things in the body are directly related to the spinal cord, so it just makes sense that a chiropractor can help restore the nerve flow, which will in turn make the body work better than what it was. I know that I found relief going to the chiropractor, and I am very happy about that.

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