Driving a Cab Hurts My Back, but My Chiropractor in Santa Rosa Keeps Me Working

I drive a cab and my back hurts. I run and lift weights for exercise. I start my driving shift early in the morning, and I get up before dawn to exercise. I like my job, but the sitting wreaks havoc on my back. I see a chiropractor in Santa Rosa to help me be able to keep my job. The exercises I was given to do really help. If I stop them for a week, I start to hurt again. I go in a couple of times a month for a spinal adjustment. I usually need them when I work double shifts in the cab. My job pays me what we need to get by, and my wife’s income largely goes toward our retirement savings. Her health insurance covers my chiropractor visits, except for a small copay. I had no idea it was even covered until my medical doctor told me it probably was.

It was my primary care doc who told me to go see a chiropractor. He said that there were no issues showing up on the MRI I had done after x-rays did not show any damage. My back would hurt so bad some days that I felt like I would not be able to get through my work shift. After starting to see the chiropractor, I barely have any pain. If I do my exercises and see the chiropractor at least a couple of times a month, I can work and play without any real discomfort. Like I said, the double shifts can really aggravate my back, but I do not work a lot of those anymore. I had no idea that chiropractic medicine would even begin to help my back. It is one of those things you just need to try in order to find out.

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