Family Fun Turns to Pain

I’ve been taking it easy after some advice from a Sacramento chiropractor. I had a bit of a bad fall during a family reunion and injured my back. I was participating in a sack race and was about to win. As I hopped my way to the finish line, I stumbled across a lump in the ground and lost my balance. I landed right on my back and couldn’t get up without some help from my family. The rest of the day, I sat on a bench near the food, eating away while everyone else was doing the other activities.

After the reunion was over, I went home, took some aspirin, and laid in my bed to sleep. When I woke up, the pain in my back was worse than the day before. I took some more aspirin, which alleviated the pain again, but it wore off hours later and the pain spread out from the spot where I fell. I contacted a chiropractor that one of my family members had used before when they were having back problems from a fall. I went in for an appointment and got a full examination. The damage to my back was nothing permanent.

My back has been feeling better since the chiropractor visit, but I’m still not up to my full strength yet. My recovery will take another week, and after that, I’ll be back to normal. The next family reunion is a year away, so I’ll have a lot of time to practice my sack race hopping. It pains me that I could have easily won that race if not for that lump that I tripped over. I have no idea how I missed it, but next time I’ll make sure that there’s nothing in my way when we have the next sack race.

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