I Went from Being the Guy with the Bad Back to the One Who Was the Source of Fun on Vacations and Who Picked Up the Slack at Work

I felt pretty much useless at work and at home with my chronic back pain. I felt I made summer vacation miserable. My wife and kids said that everything was fine, and they would add the, “It’s not your fault” statement. To me, that is saying that my back problems are a problem for them too, but they are not blaming me for it. Well, I did not want to be a problem for anyone, especially my family. So, I went to a chiropractor in Turlock to see if I could get any permanent relief from my back pain. I had been to my regular doctor who sent me for x-rays and a CT scan that was followed by an MRI. I had some disc problems, but nothing so bad as to be causing the pain I was experiencing.

The chiropractor saw it as impingement of nerves causing chronic inflammation that then lead to chronic pain. It was kind of proven to me that was the source when I felt so much better after single spinal manipulation, or adjustment. However, the chiropractor in Turlock warned me that it takes more than just one adjustment to correct a longstanding back problem. I needed the therapy and exercises to heal my back and make specific muscle groups in my back get stronger to help align my spine correctly when I stood or sat down.

I was encouraged by the immediate relief of the adjustments, and I kept going back because I was getting better. I was slowly getting away from being the guy who could ruin a vacation or end up making my coworkers help me pick up my own slack. I got stronger and became like a new person physically. I was finally able to return all those free passes I got at work when my back was hurting so bad I could barely take it, and I became the source of fun on vacations.

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