Must Have Hurt My Back Hiking

We went up to the mountains this week and had a really great time. We did a lot of hiking and then we camped out under the stars at night. It was perfect weather, nice and cool at night and a little bit cold when we got up in the morning. We left our beer in an ice cold mountain stream and I took my telescope to look at the stars, but the skies were partly cloudy and so I forgot about that. At any rate I had to see my chiropractor in Phoenix when we got back into the real world. I did not notice it when we were up there and I suppose it happened when I slipped on some loose rock the last hike that we made before we went back to the truck. If it had happened before then I probably would have noticed it, but of course it only bothered me after I woke up in my own bed the next morning.

I suppose that I got stiff after laying in bed for the entire night. It took me a long time to get it loosened up and I was about ten minutes late for work. I had to get in the shower and really crank up the hot water. After a little while it was loose enough for me to go on with the day, but you can not have that going on every single morning. I noticed that it would hurt me after I sat in my office chair for a little bit too, so I ended up having to get up and move around before it would stiffen up. Luckily for me I managed to schedule an adjustment at the end of the day, although it may come back after some time.

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