Regular Chiropractic Appointments Keep My Back from Giving out on Me

My back does not hurt. Well, not anymore. It used to hurt all of the time. It will come back when I do not visit my chiropractor in San Jose at the beginning of a pain cycle. Nerve impingement can sneak up on you slowly. It starts with a twinge, and then it gets worse. When your nerves are impinged due to a spinal misalignment for a length of time, you have to wait for the inflammation to go away to get complete relief even when the pressure is taken off. To avoid having down time from my quirky back, I go see the chiropractor when it starts to bother me at all.

A spinal adjustment relieves the nerve pain and promotes healing. Feeling good in your back goes a long way toward getting anything done. If your back hurts, you can be miserable doing anything, even just trying to sleep! My back used to hurt me so bad I could barely stand it. I have always hated to take pills, but I would take them when my back hurt really bad. An upset stomach from the medication was preferable to the back pain. Now I no longer have to deal with such a choice. I get an adjustment anytime I mess up my back again.

My health insurance covers a set number of visits per year to see my chiropractor in San Jose, and I will use them as necessary. I have missed work in the past due to back trouble, and now I am doing great. All I need to do is make an appointment to get an adjustment whenever my back starts to hurt. Sometimes I need to go a couple of times per month. Sometimes months go by without me having any trouble. I am happy they are there to help me whenever I need them.

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